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Adjustable Metal Bed Frame – Why The Yaasa Adjustable Metal Bed Is Top Rated 2019

Our Products · 05/06/19

Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Adjustable Metal Bed Frame – Why The Yaasa Adjustable Metal Bed Is Top Rated 2019


Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

For many of us, we spend practically one-third of our lives sleeping. Often when you shop for a bed, you’re looking at both a frame and mattress. By ensuring everything is of good quality in the bedroom, you can get help to ensure restful sleep. But, restorative sleep is more than just going to bed at night and waking up fresh in the morning. In the bedroom, metal bed frames remain a popular pick. However, the consumer has more options these days.

Metal Bed Types

Metal bed frames are manufactured using sturdy materials, such as steel, iron, brass or aluminum. They remain popular due to the wide range in designs and styles. There are two main types of bed frames, standard and adjustable. Many bed manufacturers have created beds that are heavy duty, durable, and made of high-quality metals. They can be cheap or expensive, depending on the type of materials used, and the amount of craftsmanship placed into each bed. Adjustable bed frames are known for their functionality.

When looking for that perfect metal bed, you have to make sure you pick one that is very well constructed with its fittings and joints all in the right places. Also, make sure that the style matches the bedroom design and theme.


Metals Used


Adjustable Metal Bed Frame


Cast Iron Bed

There are metal beds that are manufactured using cast iron. This type of steel frame is often rated as tough, durable, heavy duty, long lasting, and damage resistant. Often, it is composed of high levels of carbon, making it very sturdy, but not highly flexible to be shaped and molded. The cast iron bed can have some gilded fine designs and details around its castings and can come in a white color finish.


Wrought Iron Bed

If you want something elaborate and elegant, you must consider a bed made out of wrought iron. Wrought iron is a highly flexible metal. It can be easily be reshaped and made into exquisite and beautiful bed frame designs. The traditional wrought iron comes in black. However, today you can find them in various colors and finishes such as gold, bronze or white.

Some metal beds come with headboards and posts in many handcrafted beautiful carvings and designs. As for mattress support, many metal beds come with a wooden spring slatted support frame. The curves afford the slats added suspension so they can well adjust to the weight of the body occupying the bed. At the same time, they provide the right support for the mattress. When you are looking to buy a metal frame, make it a point to check on the bed including all the fittings and joints, and that they are very well made and long lasting.


Metal Bed Styles

When you shop, you’ll notice there is no shortage of metal frames. The main reason why these beds are so in demand is that they are very durable, easy to assemble, lightweight, and well worth your hard earned money. Metal beds are quite practical. They can easily adapt to just about any bedroom style. These beds are often made from various metal type depending on the customer’s needs, budget, and preferences. They are manufactured in a number of ways, such as a platform bed. Platform bed frames can come in various styles. Some designs include underneath drawers. However, platform beds do not require a foundation and may be too low for some people.


Choosing the Right Metal Bed & Other Considerations


There are several different types of textiles from which to choose. For instance, if you want a brass bed, although it is very possible to find one that is made of all-original 100% brass, you may increasingly find a brass plated bed. Those who prefer a rather classic look and feel for their bedroom should opt for a brass metal bed.

On the contrary, if you want something contemporary and modern, then check out chrome beds. Chrome beds come in various styles and designs, there are even those that come mixed with other metals as steel, wood, or even leather. After all, the overall style and feel you want for your bedroom will finally determine your choice of a metal bed.

These days manufacturers offer a wide selection of metal beds. offers an adjustable bed frame that provides a lot of extra features. This makes shopping easy for your entire family. Discuss the relative merits noted on the website to see if they meet the needs of your family.


Adjustable Metal Beds

Adjustable metal beds also use a variety of metals as well as some other textiles such as leather and wood. Adjustable beds made for the home are quite different than their heavy duty steel cousins that are found in hospitals. Hospital beds come with a side rail, locking wheels, and have the ability to raise the entire bed base up several inches from the ground via adjustable legs. Hospital beds are often the size of a twin size bed. The Yaasa adjustable base is not limited to one size only. There are also no wheels to worry about. That makes it the perfect complement to any bedroom.


Why Yaasa Adjustable Metal Bed Is The Perfect Choice

The Yaasa adjustable metal bed has been regarded as the bestselling and top rated metal bed for 2019. You might ask why? Yaasa thought of everything your family may want. Their adjustable bed comes with remote control and it allows you to easily raise your feet or head conveniently to suit whatever it is that you are doing, working, watching, reading, lounging, or sleeping.


Yaasa – The Perfect Bed

Other classic brands may offer adjustable frames. But, the Yaasa adjustable metal bed, when used together with the Yaasa One performance mattress, is the perfect bed for any of the sleepers in your family. It should be noted that Yaasa can accommodate a number of different mattresses. Their frame has the perfect balance to afford your correct support. With one tap of a button, you can be in a zero gravity position. This aligns spinal alignment. The Yaasa One sleep system is the best and most comfortable bed that you will ever need to catch quality sleep that you have been looking for all your life.


Adjustable Metal Bed Frame



Top Features of Yaasa Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

So, why is the Yaasa adjustable metal bed frame in so demand and top rated? Precisely, it is because of its many features and technological breakthroughs that are incorporated into this innovative product. Here are the leading features of the Yaasa adjustable bed frame:

Design & Innovation

Yaasa has over 20 years of engineering and innovation as well as design experience enabling them to offer the most comfortable, adjustable, and the best sleep experience in the world. This type of bed uses amazing wall sliding technology that allows the head of your bed to slide up without moving you away from your nightstand.


Adjustable Metal Bed Frame


Superior Bed Contouring

Their Yaasa mattress is made up of a hybrid mattress that is specially designed for active contouring, thus providing superb sleeping comfort.

Engineered For Enhanced Contour Reactivity & Targeted Support

Yaasa’s 20 years of expert engineering and design ensures a beautiful design. You can order the Yaasa adjustable metal bed frame, and the Yaasa mattress comes free (for a limited time) to deliver the perfect sleep experience. Its hybrid construction of pocket coils and memory foam targets pressure points effectively. The sleeper can truly feel the many benefits of custom adjustments to guarantee a high quality sleep experience like no other.


Split King Feature


Adjustable Metal Bed Frame


With the various presets of the metal bed frame, you can soothe any pressure you have and have a highly personalized experience as the bed can perfectly match your needs and requirements.


Modern Style

The Yaasa One sleep system is specially designed with customers in mind. It is clean, simple, elegant, and flexible so it can be easily adapted to your interior design and bedroom space.

Yaasa Bed Adjusts To Your Every Need

The Yaasa adjustable frame offers something for everyone.

Your bed can be adjusted to help relieve you from stress and afford relief from various body pains and aches. The memory foam topper on the Yaasa mattress contours to your body while the adjustable frame allows elevation of both the head and foot. Your overall sleep quality is improved with the Yaasa bed.

Since the head of the bed is adjustable, you can achieve the right inclination for your neck and head to keep the airway opened.

  • Lower Extremity Swelling

With a Yaasa adjustable bed, it’s possible to elevate the foot of the bed as well. This allows increased circulation of the lower extremities curbing swelling and giving your heart a boost.

This bed comes with a breakthrough technology that makes it a perfect entertainment partner. Adjust the bed to your liking to enhance your viewing, reading, or working experience. Also, you can just plug your electronics into Yaasa’s built-in USB ports to allow charging without the fear of tripping over wires.

  • Accommodates Many Types of Mattresses

Our body changes as we age. The Yaasa adjustable frame can accommodate all types of foam mattresses (regular foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, flexible polyurethane foam), latex, pocketed coil, or a hybrid of these types of mattresses. Air mattresses, water mattresses, and traditional innerspring mattresses are not recommended.

  • Warranty

Yaasa offers a full warranty for the first year, and overall, a 10-year limited warranty. Check the website for details.

White Glove Service

Yaasa offers in-home delivery free-of-charge. Yaasa offers white glove delivery for a nominal fee. “White glove” takes shipping and handling a bit further. Their experts deliver the bed and set it up as well to make getting a new bed easy. You can order brackets for a headboard. A beautiful headboard can change an adjustable from simply a product to a beautiful piece of furniture.                                    

There is no denying that Yaasa One sleep system has it all. A good bed frame with a free hybrid mattress. Order head brackets to personalize the bed frame to your taste. What else can you be looking for in a perfect bed?

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