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Meet the “Apple” of Adjustable Mattress Frame

Design · 07/12/19

Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Meet the “Apple” of Adjustable Mattress Frame


If you haven’t been sleeping lately, an old mattress may be to blame. Mattresses don’t last forever. Furthermore, our bodies change as we age. Medical issues may contribute to the aches and pains that we experience. This is why sleeping on an adjustable mattress frame has surged in popularity, especially among those trying to find a good sleep position without having to get up from their bed and constantly adjust pillows.


Adjustable Mattress Frame


Is an Adjustable Bed Frame and Mattress Right For You?


Do you find yourself sleeping better when you are in a reclined position? If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, degenerative spondylolisthesis, or spinal stenosis, installing an adjustable bed frame and mattress in your bedroom can help you sleep better at night. Having your spine in a neutral position allows less pressure on joints. For those undergoing back surgery, having an adjustable bed can be beneficial when it comes to your recovery because you will be in a reclining position to help ease the pressure on your spine but can raise the head of your bed when it comes to getting in and out of bed.


Adjustable Mattress Frame


If you are looking to buy an adjustable bed, you will need to decide what type you’ll need. Some beds only allow head elevation while others will enable both head and feet tilting. Whatever your preferred sleeping position, you can’t go wrong with an adjustable bed frame and mattress.


Why Buy Adjustable Bed Frame for Your Home


Sleeping on an adjustable bed frame is quite different than sleeping on a traditional one. While both allow sleeping in a reclining position,  adjustable bed bases can be customized. Depending on the frame, It can also help alleviate a number of medical conditions, such as edema, snoring, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia pain, and acid reflux.

An adjustable bed base can improve the quality of your sleep. It provides support and convenience. For those with mobility issues problems, the bed can be adjusted to make getting in and out of bed easier. This promotes independence while providing for safety. What’s more, adjustable frames for the home don’t have that clinical look so that they are a beautiful asset to any bedroom.

Best Adjustable Mattress Frame to Consider

It’s true that there are several brands of adjustable bed frames available nowadays, but if you want to get the best value for your money, one particular brand that is often mentioned is Yaasa. Here are some of Yaasa’s incredible features.


  •         Anti-snoring preset. If you or your partner snores, you’ll be happy to find that Yaasa comes with an anti-snoring preset. In this position, the head is elevated slightly to help open the airway. As snoring is often an indicator of sleep apnea, a Yaasa adjustable frame can also aid in controlling this medical condition. Snoring is bothersome for both the person who snores and their partner. With a split king bed type of adjustable bed, you can independently adjust either side of the bed to ensure maximum comfort for both. 


Adjustable Mattress Frame

  •         Minimalist look. Adjustable bed designs have come a long way than those used in the hospital. Yaasa’s stylish construction can be placed inside of another frame or used on its own. It is lightweight because its construction is made from aluminum materials. Unlike a hospital bed, the base is not bulky because the parts of the adjustable bed are carefully hidden to give it that streamlined look.


  •         Zero gravity. Another feature that you’ll love about Yaasa is that it comes with the Zero Gravity setting. In this position, both your head and feet will be tilting so that they are slightly elevated which can be beneficial to put your spine in a neutral position relieving pain and pressure on sensitive joints. Also, because your thighs and legs are higher than that of your heart, you’ll get a boost in your blood circulation.


Adjustable Mattress Frame zero gravity


  •         USB ports. This adjustable bed frame also comes with USB ports on both sides of the bed for charging ease. You don’t have to worry about dealing with tripping on cords or looking at unsightly wires. The Yaasa adjustable bed frame makes the perfect entertainment hub.


Adjustable Mattress Frame zero gravity


  •         Under-bed storage. Everyone can use more space. Because of its sleek style and design, you will find that there is more storage space under the bed due to its bed risers. This is a handy feature for those who have limited space.


electric Adjustable Mattress Frame


  •         Wireless remote. Another plus to using this adjustable bed is that it comes with the use of wireless remote control that has an LED backlight. This way, it will be easy for you to spot your backlit remote control while the lights are out. You can adjust your bed without having to turn on the lights or change your position.


electric Adjustable Mattress Frame


  •         Wall sliding technology. Yaasa’s wall sliding technology is a game-changer. It always keeps your nightstand within easy reach regardless of the height of your mattress when you tilt it. 


  •         Flat sleep. For those who like to have of the head of the bed elevated while watching TV but love lying in a flat position for sleep, look no further than a Yaasa adjustable bed frame. Yaasa comes with a one-touch flat sleep button that lets you return to a flat position quickly and easily.


Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed Frame


Many mattresses can be used on the Yaasa adjustable bed frame. These include a foam mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress, pocketed coil mattress, or a hybrid of these mattresses. The only mattresses that are not recommended for adjustable bed frames are air mattresses, water mattresses, or traditional innerspring mattresses.


Choose the right Mattress - Meet the “Apple” of Adjustable Mattress Frame


Yaasa offers two types of mattresses. Both are hybrid mattresses. That is, they have a pocket coil base with a memory foam top. Their difference lies in the firmness options.


  •         Yaasa mattress. This mattress for an adjustable bed frame is considered a hybrid as it comes with two firmness options. This is a softer option that ranks 4 out of 10 on a firmness scale. It contains 2 inches of cooling infinity gel memory foam comfort layer on top. For its support core, a pocketed coil is used with a high-density foam latex base. There is also a transitional layer made out of high-density polyfoam. 


  •         Yaasa ONE mattress. This is also considered as a hybrid mattress, but it falls in the medium firm type of bed as it has a 6.5 in the firmness scale. Just like the previous option, the ONE mattress is equipped with cooling infinity gel memory foam latex for comfort layer, a pocketed coil covered with high-density foam base, as well as polyfoam transitional layer. This mattress is 10” thick and is specifically designed to be compatible with the Yaasa ONE Sleep system which comes with the adjustable bed and the mattress.


Furthermore, the Yaasa mattress protector is made of Tencel lyocell. Yaasa has a great product line. You can also choose from an array of sheets, blankets, and an adjustable desk.


Why Choose A Yaasa Mattress for an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Yaasa makes choosing a mattress easy and affordable. Currently, you can get a free Yaasa mattress when you purchase a Yaasa Adjustable Bed Frame. Yaasa offers you the best of both worlds. 

 Plus, delivery is free. Or, for a small additional price, you can get Yaasa’s White glove service and have your mattress and frame delivered and set up for you.

It’s true that you can buy any number of mattresses for an adjustable bed frame. However, Yaasa stands out for those who insist on comfort but don’t want to waste money. Whether you wish to watch TV, read a book, or looking to ease the pain from a hard day’s work, you’ll appreciate a Yaasa adjustable bed frame and mattress. When coupled with the frame’s quiet motor and cool and comfy bedding, restful sleep will be within your grasp. Whether you are looking for a twin XL, queen, or king size mattress, Yaasa has got you covered. 


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Our flexible polyurethane foams meet CertiPUR-US® program standards for content, emissions and durability and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Moreover, they are produced without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants, and have Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality. Learn more about CertiPUR-US® at

The latex used in our mattress constructions is certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), a new certification available to mattress manufacturers. Control Union Certifications (CU), a globally recognized organic certifier, developed GOLS based on years of experience certifying organic products in other industries, including foods and textiles. This certification ensures that all materials and manufacturing processes adhere to strict and specific global organic standards.

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