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Adjustable Bed Remote – The Benefits of a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

Sleep Science · 12/14/18

Adjustable bed remote Main - Adjustable Bed Remote - The Benefits of a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

There’s a reason why luxury adjustable beds have found their way into regular households. They are not only trendy but also a “must-have” for people who are suffering from sleep disorders, body pain, and spine misalignment. If you or a family member is suffering from any of those ailments, switching to an adjustable comfort bed makes sense.

However, when buying one, it’s essential to choose the type that fits your everyday routine and preferably one that does not require you to adjust your mattress by hand manually. That is where an electric adjustable bed with a wireless adjustable bed remote comes in handy.

What is a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

A wireless adjustable bed remote is a device that comes with your adjustable bed frame. Classic brands of flexible bed mattresses include a regular remote control that is connected through the USB ports of the bed’s central system. While this type of remote control also helps with your sleep quality and comfort, it doesn’t necessarily give you much ease of accessibility. With wireless remote control, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the adjustable base and alter the angles of the head and foot sections without getting out of the bed.

Benefits of a Wireless Adjustable Bed Remote

Adjustable Bed Remote

  • It works on many mattresses.
    Typically, an adjustable bed works with many mattress types such as coil spring, foam, memory foam, latex, or hybrid. Some mattresses are not recommended to be used with adjustable beds such as air beds, waterbeds, and traditional innerspring beds.
    1. Memory Foam Mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are good at giving relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. A user can do a wide range of sleep positions in this mattress because it spreads weight away from the body’s pressure points and contours the natural shape of the user’s back.
    2. Latex Mattresses. Latex mattresses also give premium comfort through its all-foam architecture. However, the latex mattress does not feel the same as the memory foam which is often considered as buoyant. This mattress also comes in different aesthetics.
    3. Hybrid Mattresses. Hybrid mattresses combine a coil spring system with either memory foam or latex. This allows the sleeper the perfect blend of support and comfort.
  • It is useful in the dark.
    Electric beds may provide comfort when you fall asleep. An additional feature in some wireless adjustable bed remotes is the glow-in-the-dark features that enable the user to quickly press and hold to adjust the bed frame even without the need for light. Remotes also do not need electricity to function, only batteries.
  • It helps alleviate health problems.
    Whether you have obstructive sleep apnea, arthritis, an injury, or are a pregnant woman plagued with swollen legs, an adjustable bed remote is perfect for you. Why? You can tweak the head or foot of the bed to the perfect height to help alleviate symptoms or discomfort. Also, you don’t have to deal with fixing a pillow mound over and over again. With the wireless remote, you can easily adjust the bed to your preferred level and seamlessly go back to watching TV or sleep without ever leaving the bed.
  • It puts you in a zero-gravity position.
    The zero-gravity position is similar to the stance that astronauts take during liftoff. The purpose of that position is to alleviate the stress from their bodies as they leave the Earth’s gravity. Being in zero-gravity position during sleep is beneficial to people who suffer from sleep apnea and acid reflux. Some wireless remote controls for adjustable twin XL beds have a zero-gravity position preset that puts the feet and heart at the same level.
  • It helps you have independence.
    Senior citizens who have impaired mobility but still want to be independent can benefit a lot from an adjustable bed remote. That is because a wireless bed remote is designed with Wall Hugging features that specifically help people smoothly transition back to the center of the bed after slipping out. That means that, instead of lifting you away from the wall and your headboard brackets, your adjustable bed mattress retainer will raise you up and gently slide you back.
  • It gives you optimum ease and comfort.
    Because of the fast-growing popularity of adjustable beds, there are already different types of frames that offer various settings and may preset ideal to your wants and needs. Some bed frames can be set to do massages of pressure points and smoothly transition your body to different sleep positions. For additional comfort, you may want to add a mattress topper. Also, consider getting sheets made specifically for adjustable beds. Regular sheets may crunch up, wrinkle or come off when the bed’s elevation is altered. Adjustable bed sheets are made with deeper pockets or straps that stay flat when the bed’s elevation is altered. Your final choice would ultimately depend on the quality, material, and credibility of each product.

Adjustable Bed Remote

With the use of a wireless remote control, you can press a button, and the adjustable bed will easily settle your body into whatever angle is best for you. The possibilities for ease and comfort are endless and you can look forward to feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

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