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A Life Well-Adjusted

Lifestyle · 01/21/18

zero gravity bed position

What does it mean to have a well-adjusted life? Essentially, it means that you are readily able to accept and work through whatever comes your way no matter how big or small it may be.

A well-adjusted life is the ability to balance the highs and lows. However, a well-adjusted life doesn’t end and begin with how you carry yourself throughout your day. This way of living comes from every aspect of your life, every morning through every night.

Imagine the power to adjust your bedroom space to fit all your needs while you work, read, play, and sleep, all to be enjoyed in your bed itself. With the Yaasa Adjustable Bed you can make your dreams come true.

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A well-adjusted person understands the importance of maintaining a high quality of life. They hold their standards high and are constantly working towards improving themselves. Well-adjusted individuals understand the importance of finding happiness within. The main difference between those who are well adjusted and those who are not is how they deal with life’s challenges. Those who are well-adjusted tend to deal with times of sadness and disappointment in a healthier way. These types of individual know that hard times will come, but it is the way you carry and hold yourself through those times that is important to your overall health in both body and mind.

What many tend to forget, is the importance to carry a well-adjusted life into one of the most intimate areas, the bedroom. Your quality of life should not end at your bedroom door. Think of your bedroom as your sanctuary and your sacred place to recharge. With the Yaasa Adjustable Bed you can adjust your mattress at the touch of a button. You can say goodbye to stacking your pillows; the ability to incline your head and upper body can do wonders for last minute work in bed, a late night reading session, or some guilty pleasure binge watching.

Let’s not forget that being well-adjusted is a learned trait; it takes time and personal growth. This type of growth comes from being conscious and sensitive to your own individual needs and self-care. To become this type of person takes hard work and dedication. Being well-adjusted has everything to do with teaching yourself that the world is not just about you. This boils down to awareness and attention, also known as mindfulness. Over time you begin to realize that this is really what life is all about. When you are mindful of yourself, others, and your surroundings, you begin to see life in a whole new way. This goes hand in hand with being mindful of how you sleep and what your body needs when it sleeps and rests, and give your body that time it so rightly deserves.

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Did you know that most adults report getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep? However, what many are missing is the quality of sleep. If you toss and turn during the night trying to find the best sleep position, you might be losing out on more than you thought. This repeated movement can actually disrupt your sleep cycle.

One of the ways to counter-act this is utilizing the Zero Gravity or Zero-G Position. The Zero-G Position relieves pressure all over your body while providing all the support you need. This position was designed to help relieve back pain and promote circulation – truly the best of both worlds!

Now you have the ability to find your best night sleep, and let all those aches and pains, snores, and restless positions become a distant memory and simply drift away with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed.


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